Ginger 151

sandy151bThis [Adopted 8/15] is sweet little Ginger. She was surrendered when her owner passed away. She is 13 years old  and lost the only home she has ever known. Despite that she is as sweet as can be. She gets along with all the other dogs in my family as well as the cat. She loves her walks and gets so excited when she sees her leash. She runs thru the house hopping over the other dogs to get to the door. Ginger would do best in a home with another dog because she was raised with another one. She also would do better in a home with someone that is home with her all day. She gets a little anxious when I leave the house but then settles in. I feed her in a crate but other than that she is free to roam the house. She sleeps curled in a ball with her head under my bed and once she is settled in, she is good for the night. I do think she is deaf. Her ears need cleaning on a regular basis but she is very good about letting me do that. She was wonderful with the groomer even though she was full of mats when she came in. She has a beautiful blond coat and when her hair grows back, she will be a beauty. Ginger needs a home where she can live out the rest of her life in comfort knowing that she is loved. Is that your home?