Gypsy 151

gypsy151Gypsy[Adopted August 2015] is an 8 year old female, buff cocker, who came to us from a commercial breeder. She is a very sweet dog who has made tremendous growth in the time she has been in her foster home. Gypsy gets along very well with our dogs, often following them around and looking to them for guidance in following the routine. She loves to run with them outside in our fenced-in yard, and has started to play with their toys. She has also made great strides in relating to us - at first, she was scared and shy; now she is starting to seek us out for attention, food, and comfort.

Gypsy has not been crated since coming to our home, but will occasionally go in a crate by herself. When we are not at home and at night, she is near our dogs, but not in a crate. She is working on house training; she understands that she is to go to the bathroom outside, but does not yet tell us when she needs to go. We take her out every 3 hours or so, which is very effective. Gypsy has worked quite a while on walking on a leash, and is now able to walk at a good pace around several blocks, accompanied by one or two of our dogs.

Gypsy will make a great addition to a home with at least one other dog and a fenced-in yard.