Hershal 151

Hershal is a handsome 9 year old male cocker spaniel who happens to be deaf due to bilateral ear ablation. If you think that is a handicap then you have not met Hershal!  He is VERY affectionate and well mannered..  He loves to lay next to you and put his head on your lap.  He wants to sleep in your bed and does not hog the bed or snore!  He loves everybody both 2 & 4 legged! He  is not crazy about being crated and I have found no reason to have to crate him. He is completely house broken. Just show him what door you want him to go out and he will go it when he needs to go out.
I would love to see Hershal go to a forever home with another dog as he seems to follow my dogs leads.  But I do believe he could manage alone with the right forever home.
He was obviously well loved by his previous owner until his recent death. If you think Hershal could be your new best friend please fill out an application and come meet him at The Wigglebutt Walk on September 12.