Maisey 151

brewer151aMaisey [Adopted 3/22/15] is a ten month old chocolate brown and white female with amber eyes. She is doing excellent with her potty training, but being so young she will have to get used to a new home and will likely have a few accidents. Maisey has a lot of energy. She loves walks, chews, toys and people to play with. She would most certainly benefit from a formal training class with her new person or persons. She has learned sit, down, and stay. She might also be a good candidate for agility. Now that we have warmer weather, we are taking her for walks more regularly and beginning to work on her walking skills. She pulls quite a bit at first but towards the end of the walk, she relaxes at our walking pace. Maisey is a sweet girl but can be mouthy when she gets excited or has too much energy, especially in the morning. We give her appropriate toys to chew on and she responds well to the reminder “no bite”. She does not bite but tries to put her mouth on you. She sleeps in a dog bed or at the bottom of our bed at night. She is crate trained for times when we are out. She is still a puppy so we keep her in a space with us where we can always keep an eye on her and she does not have items that she should not have. Maisey would be fine as an only dog. She does enjoy playing with our smaller male cocker spaniel but can become a little rough on him.  Maisey also loves to look out the window and bask in sun spots.  

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