Mystique 151

cassie151aMystique [Adoptied November 2015] is a 2 year old black female that was left at a vet's office. She is a petite girl at 16 lbs. We are have been working on her potty training and she has been accident free for a couple weeks now. She really enjoys people, children and adults alike. Misty needs to be an only dog. She will occasionally become upset thinking the other dog has food or a bone that she wants. She does not really have any interest toys but does enjoy chewing on various bones and antlers. Misty does get car sick. She walks well on a leash. She has not been destructive and does not get into anything when we are around. She sleeps in the bed with us at night. We keep her in a crate when we are away and to aid with the potty training. She will go into her crate to rest while we are home. She always shows excitement to see us and loves to get belly rubs.