penny141Penny{Adopted 1/15/2015] is a 6 year old, female, buff cocker spaniel who came to the rescue from an owner surrender. She is a friendly, happy dog who has adjusted to our home easily. While she was an only dog in her previous home, she would be fine living in a home with other dogs. She shares the attention well with our dogs, but does like to get her share of the hugs and pets!

Penny is a curious dog, who likes to explore new things. As a result, we have taught her to go to her crate when we leave the house, when she eats, and at night. She is a dog who understands and remembers her routines, so we have found that it really pays to help her understand what she is to do and where she should do it as early as possible. Penny will also remind you when it is time for breakfast and dinner - quite reliably too!

Penny is house trained, knows her name and will come when called, and seems to enjoy walking on a leash. She also understands “no”, “down”, and “sit”. She came to us with many toys and a bed, but does not seem to be very toy oriented and shares all that she brought. Penny enjoys spending most of her time with her people.