Rusty 151

oreor151aRusty [Adopted October 2015] is a beautiful red 7 month old male cocker spaniel. He has had 3 homes in a very short time, and was surrendered by owner #3, unsure why he was surrendered, my guess is they were not ready for a puppy. He is a high energy puppy, very loving, sweet, loves attention, and gives lots of kisses, he just wants to be around any and everyone 2 or 4 legged. He is house and crate trained, although he would rather be with you all the time. He is still a puppy and needs to be monitored while roaming the house, he will chew inappropriate items if left to his own devices. He is afraid of new people and new things, he submissively wets the first time he meets someone new, but not after that. He gets along well with my other 2 dogs, Bitzy 8yr Cocker, and Bella 8yr Shitzu/Maltese mix, our cat Woodrow, and other dogs he meets on walks. We are still working on leash training, he sits, and rolls over, we are working on giving paw. He loves the water, and playing with
his toys. He is full of energy and would make an excellent running buddy.  He is a little possessive of his food bowl and his crate, we are working on that behavior too. Rusty would love a home where he is the number 1 dog, he is an awesome boy and needs to find his furever home where he feels safe and secure.