cassie151aTrennae [Adopted 2015] is the happiest dog I have ever known. She is four years old, recently spayed, a beautiful chocolate color, and smiles when you walk in the door after a long day. She is housebroken and sleeps the night through once she settles down. She doesn’t like to be crated or confined. She has the run of the house unsupervised and has been a great house guest, no destruction. She is learning to interact with other dogs and walk at the end of the leash (she doesn’t like strong winds). She likes other dogs and was instantly and well accepted by the other two dogs in the house (no nonsense senior and a larger middle aged male). She is startled a little when loud trucks or cars pass by, listens attentively to sounds on the TV and barks along with doggie stars on TV (minimal barking, just when dogs are on the TV and she want to come in from outside). She has a lot of puppy energy and may run between your legs. She eats fast and uses a puzzle bowl to slow her down. She is learning not to step on other dogs, cats, or approach food bowls when others are eating. She ignores the cats, even when hissed at. She has a soft mouth when treats are handed out. She needs to work on her eye and mouth coordination, 1 out of 10 and improving. She is good in the car. Likes to prance around with soft toys and is happy to chew a bone. She isn’t a hunter and can sniff and sniff and never find the treat around the corner. She does see things (leaves, other dogs going for a treat on the ground, movement). She is working on ‘sit’ and not jumping up on people (she is gentle and hasn’t knocked anyone over). She is eager to please and highly food motivated. She likes to snuggle next to you on the couch and is a very faithful follower. She seems to like both men and women, loves to get silly and roll on her back, and overall is just a happy go lucky girlie girl.