Lexi 171

Lexi [Adopted November 2017] is a small 22 pound black female. She is 9 years old with a birthday due in November. She has a bold, friendly, and outgoing personality. She is well socialized, and an experienced festival and outdoor event attendee. She is great with other dogs, cats, and people. She is a very active and happy dog. She barks and wags her tail when you come home from work, a ray of sunshine after a long day. First things first, out the door for a potty break. If you stop to pet her along the way, she may sit and pee, or roll on her back and pee. She has the run of the house when the foster family isĀ  away.

She is very alert and has good hearing. She will alert you to wildlife, dog walkers, children on their way to/from school (foster family lives near a school), and people on their way to the never-ending rummage sale across the street. She will stop barking and come when called. She goes to the door when she needs to go out, and barks at you if you miss her signal. She isn't bothered by storms. Lexi loves to sit on the couch, by your feet, or in her dog bed when you are watching tv.

Lexi is food motivated. She waits patiently when you are in the kitchen for any tidbit that may drop to the floor. She can jump and retrieve things from the counter if they are near the edge. She runs like the wind. If you are sitting on the couch eating a snack, Lexi is ‘sneaky fast’ and quiet. She will grab food off your plate or out of your hand when your attention is diverted. She is a food opportunist, and for this reason, no small children. Her behavior has improved greatly in the foster home. She will work for treats. She is excited for breakfast and dinner, and runs to her crate.

Lexi is a smart, happy, and outgoing young lady. She loves to go for car rides and walks. She doesn’t have any favorite toy. She does enjoy bones. She loves to be with people, she is very devoted. Is Lexi the one to fill the empty spaces of your heart?