Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

Chloe111 came into Rescue from an inner city shelter where she was supposed to be euthanized.  She was very sick and it took Elaine’s determination and magic to bring her back to health.  She had a damaged eye and had a permanent tilt to her head, both of which were probably the result of a head trauma.  I started fostering her and soon realized that she didn’t seem to react as most dogs do.  She would sit in front of the vacuum cleaner and stare at me until I was almost on top of her.  If I was handing her a treat she would just stare at me until I put it right up to her mouth.  She appeared to have a distinct disability.  When I took her to the WBW to get her adopted, every time someone took her out for a walk she would turn around to see if I was coming.  I realized that she was so bonded to me that I couldn’t let her go so I adopted her.  I think she had a great 3 years but unfortunately she lost her fight last week when she suffered a seizure and then a stroke.  She had so many thinks going wrong that the kindest thing I could do for her was to let her go.  I know that she is finally pain free, running and enjoying herself.

Chloe [Adopted 9/27/2011] is a 6 to  8 year old female who came to us from an inner-city shelter with a very high kill rate.  She was in deplorable condition and was scheduled for euthanasia.  Her one eye was injured and resulted in blindness in that eye.  We soon learned she was also deaf.  Although she has these handicaps, it does not stop her from being a loving pet.  She is housetrained and crate trained and loves to have her belly rubbed.   She loves her people and will  give you a hug if you ask her.  She thinks other dogs and cats are just fine.

Update Aug 30, 2011 from the Foster home

I have had Chloe now for about 6 weeks.  She is a very sweet dog and for the most part very quiet.  She is deaf but every once in a while she will just start barking.  It doesn't last long.  She gets along fine with the other dogs and cats.  She wants to be very close to her person at all times.  Every move I make, she makes with me.  When she arrived her health was poor, but now she is very healthy now.  She is starting to come out of her shell and will run and play when I come home after being out for awhile.  She is wonderful with the groomer, in fact my groomer said this one is "a keeper".  At night she finds a place on the floor in my bedroom and sleeps the whole night thru.  She is getting much better on her walks and loves to be out with the other dogs.  I will have a hard time giving this one up.