Abby [ADOPTED OCTOBER 18] came to us from a rural shelter with a very high kill rate. There was no doubt that no one would have adopted her because of the way she looked. Her coat was one massive mat. The mats were so thick that our vet had trouble inserting the needle to do the heartworm test. She was crawling with fleas and covered with ticks. Grooming was almost an impossibility. The clippers would just not penetrate the mats. Our groomer said that she had never seen anything like it in her 30 years of grooming. She was finally able to remove the old coat but her skin was left sore and bleeding because of the lack of air caused by the mats.

Abby is now a happy little girl who just adores people. She is estimated to be between 2 and 3 years old. She does fine with other animals. She is crate trained and has learned to use the doggy door in her foster home. She will most likely need reinforcement with her housetraining in a new home. She will have a lot of coat when her hair grows back. Black/Tan dogs in full coat are probably some of the most beautiful cockers. Obviously we are looking for an adopter who will be willing to maintain that coat.

This is Abby with her new mom, Sheri.