Autumn [ADOPTED MARCH 16] is a 4-year-old Chocolate and Tan female who was rescued from a dog auction. She kept coming up to the door of her crate at that auction every time I walked by and I just knew that I needed to rescue her.

Autumn was a breeder in a puppy mill and has had many litters of puppies. She more than likely was born a puppy mill and this is the first freedom she has had. If she hadn't been rescued, most likely she would have been purchased by another mill and would have spent the rest of her life in a cage being bred at every heat cycle. It's amazing how forgiving dogs can be. Autumn is outgoing and friendly and just loves everyone.

Autumn is crate trained but needs work on her housetraining. She is an adorable little girl. Her teeth are very crooked but that just adds to her charm.