Brody [ADOPTED JULY 20] is a 5-year-old, chocolate/white male who is an absolute love. He is a very friendly boy and the type of dog who is really into his people and being with them. Nothng makes him happier than being on your lap or snuggled up next to you. His people are his main interest and he take or leave other dogs... but does get along well with all the dogs in his foster home. He also absolutely loves his ball. If he can't find it, he will look and look for it until he does find it. He has very good house manners and the only negative he has shown so far has been a desire to bury his ball in his foster mom's flower bed. Brody was pulled from a shelter just in the nick of time. He was scheduled to be euthanized at the end of that day after not being reclaimed when picked up as a stray. What a terrible shame that would have been!! Brody is housetrained.

Update from Brody's Foster Mom: Brody is a very nice dog. He loves his tennis ball and will occasionally play with squeaky toys. When he has the squeaky toys, he will run back an forth in the house acting silly. He will bring you the tennis ball to throw and will either drop it at your feet, or drop it in your lap when you are sitting. If you don't throw the ball right away, he will either grab it and throw it at you, or nudge it with his nose and growl/whine at you. When he is not playing with his ball or toy, he is a very calm dog and will either be laying at your feet or in your lap. He gets along fine with the other dogs in the home, but would rather be with you. Brody is housetrained, but does not like the crate and will whine and howl. Brody loves to give kisses and get his belly rubbed. He also likes to wrestle with you and he is very gentle when doing this. Brody likes to be near you at night and will either sleep at the foot of the bed, on the floor or on a doggie bed. My dog and other foster wake me up early in the morning, but you have to wake Brody up!

Brody seems very smart. When he came to me, he already knew sit, shake/high-five with both paws, can sit up and can catch treats. Brody is a heavier Cocker (29.5 pounds), but he is not fat. He burns off a lot of his calories chasing the tennis balls. Brody may bark at someone initially until they walk up to him. He seems to like everyone, including kids.