Update from the Puppies Foster Mom: The absolute earliest that any of the puppies will be able to be placed in their forever home is the weekend of October 11th and 12th, 2008 AND that is totally dependent upon how each is doing after her/his scheduled spay/neuter. No exceptions!

Carson [ADOPTED OCTOBER 12] is Lola’s first born and was born in his foster home on July 8th, 2008. Carson is all boy and is very inquisitive. He does know his name and comes racing to me when I call him. He also follows me into the house from outside. Carson is the typical happy all the time Cocker puppy. He is a puppy and has sharp little puppy teeth and toenails. He can not determine which items are safe for him to chew on so will need plenty of safe for him items. He loves squeaky toys and loves to drag big squeaky toys around with him. He loves to run and play in his fenced yard with his siblings and “the big” dogs. Carson will need a crate in his forever home and will need either a securely fenced yard where he can not get under the fence or a long tie out in his yard. He and all the pups need to be able to really run around and expend their puppy energy. As with all the puppies, preference will be given to families with previous cocker experience and basic obedience classes are highly recommended for him.

This litter has been raised with a lot of love and attention in a child’s play pen and I’ve spent a lot of time with them working with them to get them off to a good start. Cockers need to be groomed so even before their eyes were open a clipper was turned on next to them and held against them so that got used to the noise and vibration. Tails and feet have been played with on a daily basis so they get used to having their feet groomed. Little exercises have been done with each of them daily to promote well adjusted puppies. A fake grass mat was placed in their playpen as soon as eyes opened to start their housetraining. When in their pen, they do seek that mat out to go. Housetraining by going outside to go potty was underway before they turned 4 weeks old. All are very good about going potty outside. Most poops are being done outside and only occasional wetting inside usually during the night. They need to go outside as soon as they wake up after sleeping for awhile. Immediately after they finish eating. They go outside every few hours during the day time because puppies just are not capable of holding their urine or stools for 8 hours until they are much older. At this time they are eat moistened Innova Puppy kibble and canned Innova 4 times a day and get a little yogurt added into it once a day. They drink water from a bowl. I’ve taken them one at a time on brief trips to adapt to being away from their siblings and getting used to riding in the car as well as being socialized. They have been outside in light rain and in the very dewy grass to go potty hoping to avoid becoming that dog who doesn’t go outside if the ground is wet.

He is not ready to go to his forever home at this time and will not be ready to leave his foster home until the first part of October. If he’s placed after his scheduled neuter, he will still need to have his last distemper shot and rabies shot at 16 weeks of age.

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