Chip [ADOPTED DECEMBER 13] is a very cute chocolate cocker who is 1-2 years old. He came to us from an inner city shelter where he was brought in as a stray. Chip is a very friendly, loving dog. He knows his name and comes when he is called. He also knows "sit". He sleeps well in his crate and will go into it at night even before he is asked to. He is on the thin side and needs to gain some weight. He loves his food, but is not food aggressive. He is housetrained and will scratch at the door to go out and come back in. He gets along well with other dogs and loves every person that he has met. He is a young dog, but is not hyper. If I am sitting at the kitchen table or in the computer room, he will come in and lay by my feet. He also loves to snuggle on the sofa with whoever is sitting there. After he goes outside in the morning he is allowed to come snuggle with me in bed and LOVES that !! He LOVES belly rubs and any attention. He does not play with toys but will chase a ball for a bit. I think he just needs to learn how to play. He has been a joy to have as a foster.