Cubby [ADOPTED MARCH 18] is a nine-year-old, black male who came into rescue when his owner who was a breeder died. She left behind a number of dogs. Her husband panicked and called the local shelter. They in turn called a number of other shelters. The shelter people all rushed to claim the younger dogs and left behind three dogs. At this point the three Cocker rescues who participate in our annual Wiggelbutt Walk stepped up. Shorewood took the oldest dog and the other two rescue took the other two, which were left behind for various reasons. Shorewood Cocker Rescue means just what it says. We rescue Cockers in need of help no matter what their age or condition,

Cubby was really a pleasant surprise. He gets along with other animals, loves every human he meets and is housetrained and crate trained. He is active and playful. He is just a pleasure to be around. He does have dry eye and will probably need eye drops for the rest of his life.

This is Cubby in his new home.