Darby [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 23] is a wonderful and very obedient 7-year-old boy who is looking for a family with a man who wants a very loyal and devoted companion. Darby came to us as a private surrender. He was purchased as a young puppy by an older couple and his mom already had alhemizers. His mom went to a nursing home over two years ago and Darbyís dad is experiencing health problems of his own now. He loved Darby enough to want a better life for him than he is now able to provide. Darby is very much a manís dog and wants to be wherever his foster dad is. Heís good with his foster mom but when his foster dad is home, thatís where Darby wants to be. He is housetrained and really doesn't need to be crated. A retired couple would be a great match for him.

Darby lived with a cat in his former home and until rescue was not used to living with other dogs. He is great with all his foster brothers and sisters. Itís reported that he was also fine with his previous ownerís grandchildren who visited periodically. Darby is a large Cocker and is at good weight for him now at 29 Ė 30 pounds. He has slimmed down while in his foster home and does feel so much better. He loves to run and explore in the backyard and lounge on the deck. He has a history of untreated ear infections and came to rescue with a bad case of ear infection. His diet has been changed and ears have been treated and closely monitored. He will need to continue to be fed a premium grade of dog food and an owner who be very diligent about monitoring his ears. He is a very much loved boy in his foster home!