Darla [ADOPTED JULY 13] is a 2-3 year old female chocolate cocker who came to us from a shelter in Wisconsin (prior to that she was in a commercial breeding facility). She was quite shy when we got her but is adjusting very well to her new lifestyle. She is crate trained and coming along very well on her housetraining. She is a sweet girl and loves to have her tummy rubbed and all other attention you will give her.

Darla is just starting to learn basic commands and how to play and has just discovered squirrels. She doesn’t bark at them but is very curious. She’s initially a little shy around strangers but becomes quite friendly within moments. She still will startle a bit with loud noises but is now more curious of the sounds than anything. When she and her foster mom and foster sibling take their daily walks to the park, Darla is the darling of the park. She is still learning what she can and can't chew on and especially likes paper products. Patience and love and some training will help her grow into a jewel.