Emily [ADOPTED JANUARY 19] is a tiny, 2 1/2 year old female who came to us from a Northern Wisconsin Breeder thru a shelter. She attended her first event recently and won the hearts of many. She is crate trained and coming along very well on her housetraining. Emily is a quiet girl who does get along with other dogs, but does seem to want to dominate them. She is a very slow eater and wanders about while eating so will need to be fed separately from other dogs. She loves any attention given to her and is adjusting well to a totally different type of live style than she has previously known. A lot of patience and love and some training will help her blossom into a real treasure.

Update from Emily's Foster Mom: Emily is house trained and hasn't had a single accident since I got her. She is finally eating her food without me having to be next to her and will stay by her dish until she is finished eating. She loves playing with her foster brother & sister and likes running in the back yard in the snow with them. She likes to chew on rawhides and toys and will chase a toy when thrown. She loves to get her belly rubbed and any other attention she can get from you. Emily is a big lover just waiting for someone to love her. She doesn't seem shy around strangers, but will startle with loud noises. Emily is still learning what she can and can't chew on, and she especially likes to chew on socks and other clothes or blankets.