Freckled Buddy

Freckled Buddy [ADPOPTED OCTBER 25] came to us from a rural shelter. He was tested for heartworm and found to be positive. Heartworm treatment is expensive. At the age of 5, his future looked pretty dim. One of the reasons we hold our annual Wiggelbutt Walk is to be able to help dogs like Freckles. We agreed to take him and his heartworm treatment began immediately. Although we have had Freckles in rescue for several months we are just getting to know him. Dogs who are being treated for heartworm must be kept confined for 60 days. When Freckles tested negative a few days ago he was as happy as we were.

Freckles is a very friendly dog who likes other dogs but wants to always be first in line. He probably would not do well with a real dominant dog. He is housetrained and crate trained. He is overweight but now that he can have exercise he should soon be a very trim boy.