Friskie [ADOPTED MARCH 15] is a 6 month old male who was rescued from a dog auction, so everything is new to him. He was a little shy when he first came into rescue, but has opened up very quickly. He likes to play with soft plush toys, tennis balls and chew on rawhides. He likes to play with his foster brother & sisters, although they think hes a little wild for them. He has an under bite, which is very cute as his bottom lip sticks out like hes pouting!

Being a puppy, he needs a lot of supervision & patience as well as rules to follow. He can not tell the difference between your shoe, an electrical cord or other unsafe items, so will need plenty of safe things to chew on. He is working on his housetraining and is doing very well so far, but will need continued work in his forever home with this. Friskie is a fast learner and has already learned to sit and lay down, and will occasionally give you his paw. He also knows how to use a doggie door, and is now going outside by himself to go potty. He is learning how to walk on a leash, but will need some more work with this as well.

He just had a bath and hair cut (probably his first ever), which he wasnt too thrilled about. Friskie is a puppy and hes full of puppy energy, so if you are looking for a couch potato, this is not the boy for you.

Update from Friskie's Foster Mom: Friskie is crate trained and completely housetrained. He is still shy around strangers, but will warm up fast if they have treats, and he is very active at home (he lives up to his name!). He has learned to shake with both paws and has also learned "off". He loves to wrestle and run in the back yard with his foster sisters and loves to eat the snow. He also likes going for rides in the car, sleeping in your lap or on your bed and getting his belly rubbed. He can tell when I am ready to leave in the mornings and will run straight back to the bedroom to sleep on my bed with his foster sister. He still tries to eat anything he finds on the floor (as do my other Cockers), and is getting better at not chewing on cords, but will take off with your socks if you leave them laying around! Friskie seems very smart and is learning things from his foster sister (good & bad!). I think he would do very well in some formal training.