Galaxie [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 23] will be a beautiful chocolate cocker when his hair grows out. He came from a commercial breeder in TN where the breeder was citied for neglect. He did have to be shaved down. He's 4-years old, is crate trained and is being evaluated for housetraining, as he's been in rescue such a short time. He likes to be around people and is friendly towards the other dogs in his foster home. He does have an interest in playing with toys.

Update from Galaxie's Foster Mom: Galaxy is doing really well in his foster home. He's a sweet, affectionate boy who loves being around people. We havenít had any accidents this week so housetraining is progressing nicely. He has learned his name and comes quickly when called. He has also learned sit and in (meaning to go into his crate). We just started working on down and wait. He loves long walks and does ok with running along when rollerblading and riding bikes. Galaxie gets along well with cats and most dogs. He does let me push him away and take his bowl while he is eating and just sits patiently waiting for me to give it back, however; he has shown some possessive tendencies with toys and his food bowl where other animals (cats and dogs) are concerned. Because of this, we feel that he may be happiest and best placed as an only pet.