Kory [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 15] is an 8-year-old black male who came into rescue when his owner died. He was dearly loved and had all his needs met until his owner could no longer do things himself. The gentleman was terminal and although everyone told him that he needed to find a place for Kory he could not bear to let him go. Fortunately for Kory a kindly neighbor came every two days and filled his food and water bowl. He had a doggy door so he could relieve himself at will. Needless to say the full dish of food did not do much for Kory's waistline. He can now stand to lose 5 or 6 pounds. At the death of his owner, Kory's situation became urgent. He needed a home of his own. There was no relative to take him. He was basically homeless. The neighbor contacted his groomer and she immediately contacted Shorewood. Kory's owner can now rest in peace. His beloved Kory will be cared for. Kory is housetrained and crate trained. He does well with other animals. Since he has never been exposed to children, an adult home would be best for him.