Libby [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 6 AT THE WIGGLEBUTT WALK] is a 4-year-old, black female who was found running the woods with her partner Tina. This foster mom is very experienced with mill dogs and knows by their actions and responses that they were either just dumped off from a commercial breeding facility or escaped. Libby was matted to the skin and had to be shaved but her hair is growing back very nicely. She is a sweet gal. She is still timid as everything is so new to her. She is beginning to play with toys and this morning she and a foster brother were playing tug of war. He won out but dropped it to do something else, and Libby picked it up and ran in the house. She is doing well on her housetraining. She is crate trained but doesn't like the crate -- understandable after most likely having spent her entire life in a pen. But there are times when tough love takes effect and she has to be in one. She will need some time to adapt and settle into a new home but will make a very good pet.