[ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 8] Many of the dogs that come into rescue arrive because of an irresponsible or selfish owner. This is not the case with Lizzie and Starbuck. Theirs was an unfortunate situation and their owner had no choice but to give them up. They have been well taken care of and deeply loved. Lizzie is nine years old and is on thyroid meds as well as needing eye drops daily for the rest of her life. She is housetrained and does well with all other animals. She loves to ride in the car and likes to share the bucket seat with Starbuck. We are hoping to find the dogs a home together but do know that might not be realistic. The two dogs are bigger Cockers. They are a bit overweight but we are working on that.

Update from Lizzie's Foster Mom: Lizzie has settled in nicely in her new foster home. She is a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality. Also a very nice and quiet dog. She gets along well with the other dogs and also the cats. She is compeltely housetrained and I haven't been crating her. She sleeps in the kitchen and settles down very quickly. She takes her medicine and eye drops with no problem. She is one of the most patient dogs that I have fostered. She lets you clean and comb her ears with no problems. She will make someone a wonderful addition to their family.