Lola [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 20] is a beautiful, silver buff girl who just turned 1-year-old (DOB 8/15/2007). Lola came to rescue as a very pregnant private surrender. Her previous owners were citied for having over their limit on the number of dogs they are allowed to have and not having a required rabies shot for her. We knew that Lola was pregnant but did not expect her to start having her puppies just 24 hours later. Lola had 5 beautiful silver buff purebred cocker puppies – Carson, Lily, Hope, Collin and Haley.

Lola was extremely and very tightly matted. There’s no way that puppies could have found a way to nurse through all of that. Lola was fearful of the clippers but I had to start shaving her down preparing for the birth of her puppies. I did manage to get the mats on her tummy and chest clipped away but did not get any further than that as Lola started delivering her litter. This girl has an exception temperament. How many dogs would let someone who was pretty much a total stranger to her… clip her down not knowing at the time, that she was in labor and then help her deliver her litter? I can not say enough good things about this girl.

Lola is a puppy yet herself and should not have been having babies so young. Many dogs who are in the situation of having pups this young will refuse to have anything to do with them and many dogs are very protective and possessive of their babies. Lola has been a fabulous momma to her puppies and has let all the other dogs in her foster home enjoy having her babies here as well. In her previous home, she spent a lot of time living in the yard, so she’s been working on housetraining along with her puppies. She will probably need continued work on housetraining in her forever home because she doesn’t let you know that she has to go out, so has to be asked. She’s a very smart girl who taught herself to use the doggy door by watching foster siblings, so there are no accidents in here because she can come and go whenever she wants to. She hasn’t been crated in her foster home because she’s needed to be able to access and care for her babies. Lola loves her people and is pretty much my constant companion. She’ll check on her babies and when she’s not with them, she’s with me. She gets along very well with any other dog she’s been around. She has not been exposed to cats.

Lola would benefit greatly from taking a basic obedience class. No one worked with her prior to rescue and since she’s been in rescue, she’s been a very busy mom. Lola is a very obedient girl with a high desire to please. Grooming is a new experience for her so she will need a patient groomer and some more practice getting groomed. She just needs to know what you want or expect from her. This is an exceptional little girl and I’m looking for an exceptional forever home for her. She truly deserves that! I’m hoping that now that her babies are raised she can re-coop some of her puppyhood.

Lola isn’t quite ready to go to her forever home yet. She has her spay scheduled.

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