Melody [ADOPTED APRIL 16] is a 3-year-old breeding dog from a Mill. She's working so hard to adjust to entirely different kind of life these days. Melody has come a long way in her foster home but will need a forever home who will be patient and give her a little time so that she can build trust in her new family members. With patience, understanding and a lot of love this little girl will truly blossom.

She is following her foster mom all over and likes to be close to her. Melody is also discovering that she does like to go on walks. We feel that Melody would best be placed in a home with another dog... a role model to provide her with examples to follow. She will also need to be placed in a home with a securely fenced yard. Melody is crated trained and working hard on perfecting her housetraining. She will need some help in that area with her new family and help with overcoming her fear of loud noises.