Missy [ADOPTED JANUARY 3] (DOB 07/16/04) is a three-year-old, black Cocker who came to us from a shelter in Northern Wisconsin. She came into the shelter from a breeder. Missy is crate trained and working on housetraining. Since she has spent her life in a breeding facility, she does need an owner who will be patient as this is a totally different lifestyle and every thing is new to her. She has recently been moved to a foster home where she will receive more one on one attention.

The following is from Missy's new Foster Mom: So far, so good. She gets along well with our dogs. She's happy and always wiggling. She does beg while we're eating, but she's already catching on to the word "No!". She is crate trained and so far has not had a single accident in the house. I consider this to be very good as it's been my experience that each new foster will have an accident within the 1st day or so whether they're house trained or not. We had my family up on Sunday for dinner and she barked for a minute or two when they arrived, but got along well with everyone.