Oscar [ADOPTED JUNE 28] is a two-year-old male who came to us from an inner city shelter. He was found running in and out of the cars on a very busy street. This little guy is lucky to be alive. He is a real sweet dog who is learning about a crate and will need some work on his housetraining. Oscar does well with other dogs but is anxious to play with them. He would probably be too much for a very elderly dog. More as we get to know him.

Oscar has been moved to a foster home where he can get a little more one on one attention. His foster mom provided the following information for an update as to how hes doing. Oscar is a very smart boy and catches onto things quickly. He now knows some basic obedience commands and will go right into his crate and wait to get a treat when hes told to "crate". Hes a very obedient boy for not having had any formal obedience training. Oscar is a very happy boy and gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home, dogs that he meets on walks and with all the dogs living in his neighborhood. He's also very good with and does play with cats living in his foster home. Oscar burns off his puppy energy by playing in his fenced yard, by going roller blading with a teenage member of his foster home and by going on walks. Once back in the house he mellows right down and does love being a lap dog. Hes also content to pick up a toy and entertain himself with that while laying on the floor close to a human. He had 2 accidents when he first arrive in his new foster home and hasnt had any since. He does love toys and has only chewed on things provided for him to play with and chew on. Hes been good with human strangers and has even impressed an elderly neighbor who doesnt really care for pets. Hed make an excellent addition to any home and would love to have a playful companion in his forever home. He just wants someone who he can love and who will love him. .

This is Oscar with his new sibling SCR alumni, Dickens071