Prince [ADOPTED JULY 5] is an adorable buff with some white, one-year old who came to us from an Inner City Shelter where he was picked up as a stray. When I first met Prince I wondered how someone came up with his name as he looked far from regal. He was horribly matted and it took being shampooed and rinsed 3 times before the water wasnít running dirty. It was very obvious that he had never been groomed before. It wasnít very long before I understood where his name came from as he is such a good natured and Charming little fellow.

I can not say enough good things about this boy and am highly impressed with him. He was afraid of the clippers so we spent several days getting adjusted to the noise and vibration and clipping a little bit here and there at a time. He was such a little Trooper with this entire process and being as matted as he was, it was far from a pleasant experience for him. The hair between the pads on his feet was very hard globs and several toenails where curled back and pushing against the pads. Prince also came to rescue very sick and is still re-cooping but greatly improved.

Heís doing very well on his housetraining and has had 2 accidents in his foster home but just inside the back door. He doesnít understand yet that he needs to let you know when he wants to go outside so you do have to ask periodically. He is a young dog and is being taken out about every four awake hours in his foster home. He sleeps through the night without a problem. Prince is such a good boy with such a high desire to please and hasnít attempted to chew on anything but toys and other safe items provided for him. Heís been wonderful with everyone heís met including other dogs. He loves to run and play in his fenced in backyard with his foster siblings and chases butterflies and fireflies with his youngest foster sister. He loves tennis balls and does chase after them but doesnít have the concept of being them back to you yet. He loves to run through the yard with tennis ball or nyla bone in mouth. Prince is a very calm boy in the house and likes to be wherever his people are. He loves to be a lap dog and be loved on. This is one fantastic boy! Iím so glad heís out of the life that he once had because he certainly deserves far better.