Randy [ADOPTED MARCH 27] is a 4-5 year old male who came to us from an inner city shelter where he was picked up as a stray. He is a very sweet boy who likes to play especially with his foster buddies. He is crate trained and appears to be housetrained. He would not be suitable for a home with cats. Randy tends to pull on the leash so he would benefit from obedience training.

Update on Randy: Randy is continuing to do well in foster care and is completely crate trained. We feel that Randy would do best in a forever home with another dog that likes to play as Randy would really like to play with his foster brother-who does not have any desire to play with him! Randy likes to run outside to get all of his pent-up energy out and we will require a fenced in yard for him. Randy’s foster mom says “Randy does well on a walk with a ‘Gentle Leader’ on and does best if I let him run through the yard right before the walk.” Randy’s forever home should watch him while he’s outside, because if he’s really busy playing in the yard he may forget to take care of his business while he’s out there.

Randy does get nervous around strange people and will do some submissive wetting and the foster home is working on this and has seen some signs of progress. We also feel that Randy would do well in obedience training, which would help him to trust people more.