Rudy [ADOPTED MAY 16] is a 2-3 year old male who came to us from a large Animal Control Facility. Shorewood Cocker Rescue always emphasizes the need for our adopters to register their dogs microchip in their own name. Rudy was microchipped. The problem was that his owner never registered his chip. To make matters worse the secondary contact on his microchip which was an animal shelter kept no records, so for all practical purposes Rudy's microchip was worthless. He was held the required number of days in animal control and at that point his future was uncertain. A very caring person from Animal Control not only called us about Rudy but also helped in his transport.

Rudy is a big Cocker who weighs about 33 pounds. He is a happy, bouncy boy who appears to be housetrained. More as we get to know him.