This pretty girl is Sadie [ADOPTED JUNE 16]. She’s approximately 1 ½ years old, field coated and came to us from a Shelter in Wisconsin. This little one has made so much progress in the time that she’s been in rescue and truly is a different girl now. She came to rescue very fearful of men and does show signs of being abused most likely by a male in her former home. Sadie was also terrified of grooming and pretty rambunctious. As you can see from the photo, she now loves her foster dad who was very patient with her and gave her the time to build trust in him. She is still fearful of strange men and her foster mom is working with her on that. She is very good about grooming these days .. even about getting her toenails clipped. She’s very devoted to her foster mom and follows her everywhere.

Sadie would best be placed in a home with a fenced backyard as she is young and needs a safe area for burning off her puppy energy. She’s very quick and smart and does catch onto things very quickly… She’d be an excellent choice for agility or flyball training. She’s also best placed in a home where she’ll receive lots of TLC with patient owners who will take her to obedience classes. She needs the continued exposure to other people and controlled socialization with other dogs… that some form of obedience training will provide. At this time, she does need to be placed as an only pet.

Sadie is housetrained but does need to be coaxed outside when it’s raining … must not like getting her feet wet, but loves playing in the snow. She views her crate as her safe zone. She does sleep in her crate at night and spends time in there when her foster family is gone. She will nose open her crate when she just wants to spend some time in there. She does know that “kennel” means it’s time to go into her crate. She also knows sit, down, come, shake, and off. She also loves fetching a tennis ball and does bring it back. She is obedient and has such a high desire to please. She loves being a lap dog and really thrives on attention being paid to her. She has personality plus and is quite a character.. sure to bring you many laughs.