Spots [ADOPTED DECEMBER 13] came to us from a Wisconsin Humane Society. He is a 3-year-old with tons of energy and would best be placed with a very active family. This little cuddlebug loves people, pretty much ignores other dogs, doesn't play with toys and is crate trained and working hard on housetraining. He loves to run around the yard, needs to be fenced in as he can be the devil to catch. He will run for hours, if you let him. If you prize your lawn, he probably isn't the dog for you. He has a bad habit of tearing clumps of grass out of the yard. He's the perfect dog for you if you are interested in competing in things like agility or flyball.

Update from Spots' Foster Home: Spots seems to be mostly housetrained, but still has an occasional wetting mishap. He loves to follow his foster parents around, usually glued to our side. Usually comes in when hes called. He is highly treat motivated.