Teddy [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 29] is a dog who really needs a break. He is estimated to be between 7 and 8 years old. He was picked up by Animal Control after he was abandoned in a forest preserve. His coat was so long and matted that initially the A/C officer wasn't unsure whether it was a dog that he saw. At the shelter it was necessary to shave him down. There was so much hair that they actually weighed it. It weighed 3 pounds. Teddy's ears reflect years of neglect. Normally a dog like Teddy would have been euthanized. His ears are going to need constant care for the rest of his life. Fortunately for Teddy the staff at the shelter fell in love. They needed to save Teddy. They sent out a plea to rescues all over the Midwest. No one responded. Shorewood saw the message and knew that this was a dog that would really be hard to place. Did we really want to take such a difficult dog? The third time we saw the message we weakened and Teddy is now a Shorewood dog, Teddy is a kind and gentle dog. He is totally housetrained and gets along well with other dogs. His ears have improved but they will always have to be constantly monitored. The fact that he is now getting a premium dog food has helped tremendously.

Update from Teddy's foster home: Teddy continues to strive in foster care. His coat and skin are healthy and his coat is glossy and silky from the great nutrition he's receiving. While Teddy does need his ears checked daily, he sits very nicely and lets his foster mom clean them. He never fusses or acts like he minds. He's great for baths and groomings and walks great on a leash! He walks a really nice steady trot next to his foster mom for the entire walk. Teddy is housebroken and is crate trained, although he doesn't really need the crate. Teddy gets along well with people, kids, other dogs (there are 3 others in his foster home), and cats. He also LOVES to play with toys and took most of the toys out of his foster home and distributed them throughout the yard the other day. He really loves the Octopus he got at the Wigglebutt Walk. Teddy is a wonderful dog who would like a nice home to spend his golden years in. His foster home has just fallen in love with this wonderful and special boy.