Zeus [ADOPTED MAY 11] was adopted from Shorewood Cocker Rescue in 1998. He was returned to the rescue in 2008 at the age of eleven. He came back with his buddy Captain who also adopted from SCR. Although his family loved him, they totally let his weight out of control. He came back into rescue at a weight of 62 pounds. He is now down to 54 pounds and still working on weight reduction, We are shooting for a weight a little below 40 pounds. Zeus is healthy although it was necessary to pull three teeth while doing his dental. He initially walked very slowly and panted a lot. Now that he is getting proper exercise and a good diet he is really getting some spring in his step. He is a wonderful dog and you can't help but fall in love with this gentle giant. You just have to look into his soulful eyes and you will melt.

Zeus is housetrained. He is wonderful with other dogs but is not good with cats.