Wigglebutt Walk 2010
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Our Seventh Annual Wigglebutt Walk was held on September 11th at Brighton Dale Park in Kansasville, WI. It was a huge success thanks to your support!!

126 Cockers walked with their families to raise money for Shorewood Cocker Rescue, Wisconsin Cocker Rescue and Illinois Cocker Rescue. It poured rain that morning and while setting up but the rain didn't dampen our dedicated Volunteers from pushing forward. Thankfully the rain did stop about 11 a.m. and a good time was had by all.

The day's activities featured the Wigglebutt Walk. What a truly awesome sight to see so many Cockers of all colors doing their part to help other Cockers in Rescue. Other Activities included a huge Silent Auction, Raffles, Natural Instinct Testing, Lure Coursing, Contests for your Cockers, Refreshments and a Bake Sale. The Picture People were there offering professional photos of your dogs or the entire family. Air Play DJ Service was back this year providing awesome music for our event. Many of our Adoptables attended the event as well.

I'm very happy to say that 3 of our Adoptables found their forever homes at this year's Walk.

Duffy091 found his forver home with Joan and Kent Hill in Madison, Wisconsin.

Thomas and Deince Fischer of Franklin, Wisconsin for the second Walk in a row, took home a new addition to their family -- Chunk101 who has been renamed Brighton after the Park.

Brighton is the Fischer's 7th SCR Adoption.

Trinity101 found her forever home with Rose and Randy Vine in Madison, Wisconsin.

Congratulations to You All!!

Itís always such a pleasure to see so many of our former fosters again and to see just how fabulously they are doing in their forever homes. Itís just as wonderful to be able to talk to their families who dearly love them.

We sincerely want to thank everyone who attended this event and made this such a wonderful day for us all! We want to extend a very special Thank You to so many Family Members and wonderful Friends of some of our Volunteers who consistently pitch right and do so much to help make our Big Day such a Success! Thank You John and Angela Mertens, Susan Borezinski, Elizabeth Schuette, Deb Acerbi, Donna Rush, Jeanette Meizner, Leon Kristal, Danielle Graf, Vince, neighbor to Donna Pfingsten, our treasurer, who was there again this year and did so much to help us all out. Donna's mom and dad, Lina and Dick Sytsma, were also there helping out in the food area again this year.

The Park furnishes the beautiful setting for our event, the shelter and picnic tables. Everything else that we need for the day's events has to be brought in by our Volunteers. This year a number of volunteers and friends of volunteers arrived at the Park by 6:00 a.m. to start setting up snow fencing; setting up canopies; rearranging tables in the shelter for the food area and bake sale; setting up tables and preparing the area for the silent auction; starting grills and getting food cooking; etc. As other volunteers rolled in, they joined the others already there getting things set up and ready to go. A huge THANK YOU and job very well done to all of our Volunteers who put so much into making this such a Awesome Event! All of your efforts are noticed and so very much appreciated!

Wigglebutt Walk 2010 is now just a wonderful memory and weíre already looking forward to Wigglebutt Walk 2011! Hope to see you all there!!

Photos for 2010

The Registration Area

SCR Volunteer and Grill Master, Bob Kraemer at work.

SCR Volunteer, Chris Kraemer waiting for the coals to get hot.

SCR Volunteers, Angie Ryan and Travis Yanke all set to go in the Food Ticket Sales Area.

The Food Area

SCR Volunteer, Donna Pfingsten in the Food Area.

SCR Volunteers, Gail Becker and Roberta Kobb ready for those food orders to roll in.

SCR Volunteer Sharon Wirtz and Jeanette Meizner ready for all those sales at the Bake Sale.

All the yummy items available at the Bake Sale.

The Silent Auction

SCR Volunteer, Karen Allness catching a quick breath from working the auction.

Our Merchandising Area.

SCR Volunteer, Kris Hodge in her booth selling merchandise.

SCR Volunteer, Lynette Raether manning the Raffle Area.

The Adoptables Poster outside of Our Adoption Center highlighting all the dogs currently up on our Website as Available for Adoption.

Inside The Adoption Center

Shady101 hoping to catch someone's eye to find his forever home.

My name is Precious101 and I attended the walk as a
Coming Attraction
(dog not quite ready for the website yet).

Emma101 was also a Coming Attraction the day of the walk.

Natural Instinct Testing Area

Testing provided by Wisconsin Cocker Rescue.

The Lure Course

The dog's favorite place!!

"This wait is killing me...... LET ME IN THERE!!