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Adoption Process


What do foster homes do?
The foster home will assess the temperament and behavior of the dogs in a home environment. Our foster homes work with our dogs on things like housetraining, grooming issues, socialization and some basic obedience. You will have to continue working with them on any areas that they may need help with. You may experience behaviors that did not happen in the foster home and have to realize that dogs do react differently in a different environment. We are available after adoption to offer suggestions or recommendations to help you. We are honest with adopters and provide them with all available information.
Do you place dogs in homes with young children?
We do not encourage adoptions to families with young children. We are very concerned about the well being of your children as well as that of our dogs. We realize that each case is different and our adopting dogs to families with children 10 years of age or older will be based not only on the children's age but their exposure and experience with the Cocker Spaniel and other dog breeds. We will not place a dog in a family with a child under 10 years of age, unless there is already a dog living in that home.
Why do you charge a fee?
We do incur considerable expense for every Cocker we rescue. This cost includes spaying or neutering, vaccinations, heartworm testing, needed surgeries/treatments, medications, grooming and quality food. We require a fee for every adoption to cover some of these expenses. Adoption fees are not based on how much the dog has cost the rescue. Donations are accepted and very much appreciated.
What are the adoption fees?
Fees are age based and were last updated 1/1/16
Under 1 year --- $350
1-6 years ----- $300
7-9 years ----- $250
Over 10 years --- $150
Can I meet the dog before a match is made?
The majority of our adopters never meet the dog until the day of the placement visit. These have been some of our most successful placements. The adopter selects the dog from the website based on it's bio. Then after extensive discussion with the foster parents a dog is decided upon. No one knows the dog better than the foster parent. They have seen and lived with the dog in a natural situation. After communicating, the foster parent may decide that the dog will not work in that particular home. The adopter may also decide that dog is not the dog for them. If you feel you MUST meet the dog prior to the placement visit we do hold a number of Meet and Greet type of Events in different cities in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Check our Scheduled Events Page to see where we will be. We do NOT do trial placements as it's just too hard on the dogs.
Why does it take so long?
Our volunteers have families of their own, their own pets, work full time jobs and have other commitments in addition to the commitment they make to us. Please know that we do our best to respond to emails, FB messages and applications in a timely manner.
What has changed with COVID?
Due to both COVID and puppy mill legislation there are very few cockers in rescue. We are hearing from our shelter partners that there are few dogs in shelters. Many people are looking for dogs now that they are working/schooling from home along with the need for companionship in these hard times. We do our best to meet the needs of our adopters but there just are not enough Cockers for everyone. We are flooded with interest for each Cocker we post and work hard to respond to all inquiries. We have not been able to safely attend events this year. We are also taking a different approach to home visits and actual placements.

1. Potential adopters fill out an Adoption Application. We use this information to find the best match for your family from the available Cocker Spaniels. There is a non refundable $10 Adoption Application Processing Fee and your application can not be processed until after the fee has been received. Please be advised that filling out an application does not guarantee an adoption.

2. You will receive and email asking you to let you references know that it is ok to talk to us. You MUST respond in the affirmative to this email to continue with the process. Next references provided by you are checked. The length of time this takes varies on how fast we are able to actually get through to talk to your references or how fast your references return phone calls.

3. If your application is approved, you'll be notified by email. We will let you know if your requested dog is a fit. If not, we will ask that YOU watch the website and let us know if you see another cocker that interests you.

4. After you've been approved for adoption and a match is made, the foster parent for that dog will contact you to provide you with more specific information or update information on that dog and answer any questions you may have on that dog.

5. When a dog is decided on between the parties there will be a Home Placement Visit where a volunteer comes to your home with the Cocker to answer any general questions you may have and allow you to spend some time with the dog. While waiting for your home visit, it would be very helpful and is important that you review the information on our Help for New Arrival page. The purpose of the Home Placement Visit is to ensure that things you represented in your application are true and that the dog will be provided with a safe, loving environment. If things go well and both you and the dog are comfortable with each other, the volunteer will go over some of the paperwork in the dog's folder with you. If we feel that the home visit went well, but you refuse the dog, we will not bring a second dog.

6. We'll ask you to read through and sign two copies of the Adoption Agreement -- you keep one for your records and the volunteer takes the other for ours. The Adoption Agreement will include all that dog's vaccination information. It is important that you keep that document and make a copy of it to take to your vet, so he/she has need to know information about your new companion. The volunteer will collect your adoption fee and will leave when the dog is comfortable. You'll have your new companion!

7. After the adoption, you'll receive your dog's rabies certificate and information as to how to transfer the microchip to include your information via postal mail. There is usually a fee paid to the microchip company. It is important that you take the few minutes to do that and do it as soon as possible. Having the dog microchipped is of no benefit, if you do not have the chip registered in your name with your contact information.

Volunteers are available after the adoption via email or phone to answer any questions you may have. It is slso extremely important that you contact the dog's foster parent immediately with any concerns, problems or questions encountered during the dog's adjustment period so that we can try to resolve them and help you. We are also available to try to help in the future.

We do get very attached to the dogs that we foster and sincerely appreciate hearing from you occasionally to let us know how the dog is doing.


In order to help cover expenses involved in processing applications, it has been necessary for us to implement an Adoption Application Processing Fee. This fee will be $10 and is non refundable. Your application can not be processed until we have received your fee. You can pay with Pay Pal, just click on the button below.

OR you can mail your fee to :

Please make the check out to Shorewood Cocker Rescue and in the memo part of your check write Application Fee

Donna Pfingsten

We are NOT accepting applications

Please complete and submit the online application even if you use postal mail to pay the fee.

Thank You so Much for Considering a Rescue Dog!




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