Bonnie 131

miriam131Bonnie[Adopted 10/12/2013] is a 6 year old red and white female who was picked up as a stray.  Bonnie is housetrained and crate trained. She is a very friendly girl who loves to be around people, and gets along with the other dogs in her foster home.  Bonnie loves breakfast and dinner time and quickly learned where the treats are kept in her foster home.  She is a sweet, sweet girl!

We have had her eyes examined by a Veterinarian. The Veterinarian found that one eyes has a mature cataract and the other an immature cataract. Cataracts are common in Cocker Spaniels and aren't slowing Bonnie down at all. Based on her interaction with the other dogs and family members in her current foster home, her foster mom believes she sees just fine. She is a LOVE !!  The only issue we had at the vet was that Bonnie did not want to have her temperature taken........don't blame her !!    (All of the Vet Techs loved her).