Daisy 131


Daisy [Adopted 4/21/2013] is a delightful 6 year old smaller dog. She is like a beam of sunshine in your kitchen looking for treats. She is highly treat motivated and spins, sit's up, and wiggles to please. She is so cute, it is easy to see why she is carrying around a few extra pounds. If you love maximum cuteness, Daisy aims to please.

She is profoundly deaf. She will come running when you whistle loud and bold. She seems to know hand gestures and will sit and go down. She has a crooked smile due to the removal of 12 teeth.

Daisy is a good walker and will poop and pee almost immediately when out walking. In the home, she will nuzzle you and get excited when she wants to go out. Daisy sleeps through the night and her foster mom lets her out immediately when she get's up. She will also go out when you go to the door to let her out. She loves the outside.

She does guard her bones from her foster brother and the cats. The foster family can take her bones and food away from her without incident. She prefers the company of dogs her size or smaller and will initiate play and running in the yard. She seems to like being an only dog and doesn’t have an interest in playing with bigger dogs.

She has not exhibited any destructive habits in the foster home and is not crated when the family leaves. She is crate trained. She loves to cuddle and has even shared a lap with a cat and her foster brother. If she can, she will sit under your chair while you work at the computer. Daisy loves people!