Emma 131

emma131aHello, [Adopted 11-17-2013] my name is Emma. I am about one year old now. I’m a buff colored little girl and foster mom says I am very sweet and loving and that no one gives better kisses and cuddles than I do! I love all two legged friends and I can never have enough attention from them. I will make a wonderful companion for someone who is active indoors and out. I am potty trained and go outside without any issues, however, I’m not crazy about the rain. I’m an active little girl who loves to run and play and will play “catch” for hours with a two legged friend. If there are other four legged friends around, I will steal the ball from them or try my best to do so and return it to my human friend who is doing the tossing so the game goes on and on. I love my foster brothers and I use the biggest guy for a Jungle Jim to play on and I do like to dig holes with the other pup in the house. However, I do tire out the old guy so foster mom says I really need to go to a home that has an active lifestyle because my energy level is very high. Since my energy level is high (inside & outside) and I’m not a couch potato, I really need a home that has an active lifestyle and will take me walking several times a day. My nose can get me into trouble (Cockers are natural hunters) so a home with a yard with a wood fence that can’t be climbed really is needed. I am very food motivated and am working on learning the basic commands but foster mom said I can be stubborn. I am used to a crate while foster mom works and am very good in it. It keeps me safe and out of trouble while she’s not home. All I ask is a nice fuzzy toy to cuddle and play with and a cushion to sleep on. I LOVE to cuddle with my humans and my Jungle Jim buddy and will sneak up on the couch or bed when foster mom isn’t looking and cuddle with her. I just think she pretends not to notice ‘cause I’m so cute and cuddly. I am good with other dogs that treat me nicely but I can be a little bit bossy. Maybe it’s because I’m the only girly in the group and it’s my job to keep the boys in line? I am a pretty self-confident little girl and would enjoy another four legged friend of a similar age and activity level to play and live with. My foster brothers are all big dogs so I have no issues with small or big, just as long as they are up to playing – a lot! I would love a new home soon . . . . are you my forever home?