Hershey [Adopted 2/28/13] is a three year old very happy go-lucky-boy, not to mention a handsome fellow! Hershey came to rescue to have heartworm treatment. Heartworm is easily prevented, but if one doesn't treat the dog, the cost is enormous and is very hard on the dog. Because he has been treated for heartworm, he will require a monthly heartworm treatment, which is recommended for our cockers anyway. The HeartGuard Plus is easily gotten at any vet office.  

Hershey loves his evening walks and he would like to continue that routine. Hershey came to rescue carrying a few extra pounds and his vet suggested he lose a few to reduce stress on his hips. Hershey has hip dysplasia on both hips, it doesn't seem to bother him at all now that he has trimmed his figure. He is very trustworthy in the house but we do crate him in during the day. He would LOVE to have a home where he could sleep in a bed with his new foster parents or siblings - he is really bummed out to go in his crate at night. He doesn't care about the other dogs one way or another; although he does want to chase small animals (squirrels and rabbits), not sure how he feels about cats. He also enjoys downtime with his foster parents after his walk in the evening and is happiest right in someone's lap. When he can't be by your side, he happily entertains himself with whatever toys he can find - he really like bones, stuffed toys with squeakers and ropes. He's been a loyal friend, as soon as foster dad leaves for work, he heads to the door and lays down to wait. He does need to continue his training - he has excelled at 'sit' and 'down' but still working on 'four on the floor' especially with any new people who come into the house, he is just so excited to meet new people!