Mazzy [Adopted 2/23/13] is a wonderful 11 year old female who adores everyone and everything.  She is housebroken, crate trained (but doesn't need one), loves kids, cats, and dogs.  She rides well in the car and won't move off the spot you put her on-you could forget she's there!  She walks well on a leash, and would happily walk with you on walks of reasonable lengths. 

Mazzy does not jump onto furniture and happily follows her foster parents everywhere she goes.  She is a kind, gentle soul who would love nothing more than a nice calm place to retire to. 

Mazzy is a funny lady who loves to "talk" to the dog in the full length mirror, and can outrun any dog when it's time to eat. 

She does have dry eye, which is a very common and easy condition to manage.  For this she takes drops in both eyes twice a day without complaint (Her foster mom just lifts her head up, puts the drops in, and then done.  She's an angel).  The drops are a pretty minimal cost and are available from any pharmacy or veterinarian.  Her foster family is also giving her some fish oil pill, which seems to have put a little extra "spring" in her step. She'll even catch it!