Mia 131


Mia [7/24/13] is a 3 year old, small, female, blue merle cocker spaniel, with one blue and one brown eye, who came to us from a surrender. She is a loving, energetic dog who thrives on attention. She loves to play and will initiate play with our other dogs, but she is equally happy sitting in our laps or lying in front of the fireplace. Mia gets along well with other dogs, though she does not like to share her toys. As a result, only nylabones are offered to her when she is with the other dogs. She sleeps in a crate with her special stuffed dog toy, which she loves.

Mia is well behaved and follows directions well. She is house trained and crate trained. She loves to go on walks and walks well on a leash. Mia is a submissive wetter; she will wet whenever anyone pays excessive attention to her or scolds her more than saying “no”. As she has become accustomed to her foster home and routine, we have found that this condition has lessened greatly. It is most likely that we have adjusted our behavior toward her. For instance, when we enter the house, we simply say “hi” and wait to pet her until all has settled down. If she is doing something that she shouldn’t, a simple “no” will stop the behavior and will keep her from wetting.

Mia has been with two other dogs in her foster home, so we are not able to give information on how she gets along with cats or children.

Mia is a delightful dog in search of a forever home.

Foster Home Update 5/17/2013: Mia has adjusted to life in our house well. She follows routines, knowing what to do even before the other dogs. She loves to watch TV and responds to what she sees and hears, especially on Animal Planet. Mia is enjoyable to have around; she has a sparkling personality and makes us, and everyone she meets, smile.