Sammy [Adopted 11-17-2013] is a sweet, loveable 7 year old black and white male. He is with Shorewood Cocker Rescue because his owner passed away.

His way of telling us he needs to go out is, he comes over and stares at us. Once outside he likes to sniff around for the perfect spot.

He is not crate trained, and tells us he is unhappy being in the crate. We have been leaving him in the kitchen when not home, and he has been doing well in there. At night he sleeps in the bedroom with us. 

He loves his people, follows us around the house and likes to cuddle. He gets along fine with our small dog, but bigger dogs seem to upset him. He is protective of his toys.

We are working on walking on a leash, right now he does a lot of pulling. But he does love his walks. He's also very good in the car, in fact when we are outside and walk past the car he always stops by it waiting for us to open the door.

He would do well with someone who has lots of time to spend with him.