Sheba [Adopted 2/2/2012] is an adorable petite black female that weighs about 18 lbs. Her guesstimated age is about 7 yrs. This sweet little girl spent the first years of her life outdoors as a backyard breeding dog.

In her past life she apparently didn't have a lot of human contact and it took a few months before she became comfortable being petted and relaxing on her foster mom's lap. She now will come up and seek some attention and is just starting to occasionally wag her tail in true wigglebutt fashion.

Sheba is doing well with her housetraining and is now on a regular schedule. She's crated at night and when no one is home and, of course, always appreciates being rewarded with a tasty treat for willingly going into her crate.

Her previous owner neglected her dry eye condition and she does have some vision impairment. She'll never pass her driver's license test, but once familiar with her surroundings, she has had no problems getting around. She will need eye drops twice a day.

Sheba can be a bit of a Velcro pup. Her mom often feels a little cold, wet nose pressing on her leg. Although she loves her people, she would especially love having a gentle buddy-mentor in whose pawsteps she could follow and run with in her fenced back yard. Because she startles easily, she would do best in a home without cats.

This little girl has so much to offer and is just starting to enjoy the good life she certainly deserves. Her best years are yet to come.