Summer 131


Summer Adopted 8/15/2013] is a 6 year old red and white female who came to us as an owner surrender.  Summer is housetrained and crate trained and sleeps quietly in her crate at night. She is a very sweet girl who is laid back and very friendly....that is except with cats and very small dogs.  Her foster home has a 5lb Yorkie mix who Summer seems to have issues with.  Her foster home also has a cocker and a black lab and Summer does not have any problems with them.  Her intake home had a cat and she was fixated on the cat.  She never had contact with that cat, but it probably would not have been a pleasant meeting.  As a young dog, Summer broke her front leg.  She was treated by a vet.  Although she does have a slight limp, it does not slow her down at all.

 She is a typical cocker who likes to chew up paper items and other fun items she can find on the floor. She will give them up readily but with sad eyes.  She is crated during the day when no one is home, but would probably not have to be.  She gets so excited when her foster family gets home in the afternoons, that she dances around with joy !!!   Her new forever family will enjoy a wonderful, lovable companion !!!!!!

Recently Summer had a mild seizure. According to her surrender paperwork, she does not have a history of seizures and this is the only one that she has had in her foster home.  After speaking with some of our Veterinarians, we have found out that there really is no way to tell about seizures unless you draw blood while the dog is having one. 

Summer continues to be a very happy, sweet girl !!  She has adjusted well to our schedule and knows exactly when it is feeding time.  She no longer sleeps in a crate at night, but sleeps on the floor next to our bed.  She is loved by every member of her foster home