Vaca 131


Vaca [Adopted 8/24/2013] is a 4 year old female   who some may consider special needs.  Once one meets her, you find that she is so adorable that she is more than worth the effort of giving the medications she needs.  After she came into rescue, we found that she is hypothyroid and need daily medication, plus drops for dry eye and phenobarb for seizures.    In this picture she weighed 22 pounds.  Now that she is on thyroid meds her weight has dropped to 17 pounds. There is a chance that with the addition of the thyroid meds the dry eye and the seizure activity may improve.   She loves everyone and her little tail  never stops wiggling.  She is both crate trained and housetrained    We hope to get a new picture to show her new svelte figure in the next day or two.

Foster Home Update 8/9/2013
Vaca has been my foster dog for 3 weeks now.  She is one of the easiest fosters that I have had in my home.  She is very sweet little girl and very well behaved.  I have 5 other dogs and she gets along with all of them.  She loves my cat and after chasing her around she will use her as a pillow when she is sleeping on the couch.  She does get two medication which she takes with no problem.  She also get drops in her eyes and never gives me a problem with that either.  She would fit into any home that will take the time to give her the necessary medications.  She will certainly make it worth your while.