Charlie 152

Charlie [Adopted Nov 2016] is a 3 year old, brown and white male cocker who came to us from a shelter. He is a very happy, friendly dog who loves to play. He plays fetch with his favorite ball (which will come with him to his new home) and often plays by himself with other toys in the house. He is calm and relaxed in the house, and hasn’t chewed or gotten into anything other than pet toys. He gets along well with our dogs, guest dogs, and visitors to our house. Charlie loves to eat, so he has been using a slow feeder bowl which has been effective. He does come when his name is called, and understands sit, down, and is working on stay. He enjoys going on walks, and is daily improving his walking style!

Initially, Charlie needed to know where we were every minute, but he has relaxed and now understands that when we are home, we are somewhere close by. He, as well as all of our dogs, stay in crates when we are not home as well as at night. He has never had an accident in his crate. Charlie learned the routine of our home quickly, and has been working on telling us when he has to go outside, but if we are not looking, he will have an occasional accident. This is improving by the day - he is coming to us for attention, for us to throw the ball, or to go outside.

Charlie would be a great addition to a home that is looking for a happy, loving