cassie151aHershey [Adopted May 2016] is a pretty 8 year-old female chocolate cocker spaniel with a white patch on her chest weighing 33.6 lbs. on 3/29/16. Her bright, healthy smile will brighten your day. She was given up by the mother of a newly blended family that now includes 7 children. Her teeth are in excellent condition due to her love of chewing and regular brushing. She is fully house trained and goes to the door when she needs to go out.

Her hobbies include: morning and afternoon walks (2-3 miles per day), interactive play times with her foster family with squeak toys and balls, and chewing carrots, bones, and digestible rawhides. She has a Cuddler bed that she gets into when it is time to settle down for the evening. She enjoys petting, grooming, and cuddle times.

She trains well; learning sit, sit stay, down and down stay fast. She is now working on leave-it and heel. She’s walking with a harness and food pieces or other high value treats.She prefers to be the only animal in the house. She is on a reduced-calorie diet which she will need to continue.

If you can give her a positively structured environment, exercise, interactive play, and chewing opportunities she craves, she will become your ever-interested shadow.